Monday, September 23, 2013

The Path of Least Resistence

Malbouffe - junk food

Despite some people’s continued alarm about my eating habits, I’m much healthier in here than I was in America. Out of the many reasons for this, improved self-discipline is not one of them.
1.     I get to take turns making dinner with my housemates. This a much better deal for me then it is for them, as they know how to make more than eggs with cheese.

2.     If you want or need to be somewhere, you have no choice but to bike. Cars are not an option and the bus is often slower than biking. Last year I had to bike 40 km at 6am a couple times a week. There’s no way I would ever do that out of free will alone. It only because my grade depended on it.

3.      I’m often late for things  - > additional cardio

4.     The stores are only open  in our little village for from 9 to 9, and not on Sundays. So if you want chocolate chip cookies or brownies at 3am, and I always do, you’re out of luck.

5.     They don’t really have chocolate chip cookies or brownies here.

6.     Eating out is expensive. People don’t do it that often, or they are just not inviting me.

Basically, the healthiest choice is also the laziest choice. This the only way I will ever be healthy.

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