Monday, September 23, 2013

One of a Kind

Isoler – to insulate
They say it’s an unfortunate side effect of all the choices available that you can just stick with people like you at all times. You can have your own TV shows, movies, foods, book, websites, news, and facts. Is this such a bad thing?
Like many others, I experienced having the minority religion (lack of), political view (liberal for USA), and interests (not other humans).  It’s not as enlightening as people would have you believe. Initially, it’s fun to learn about why other people believe why they do, and to try to follow their logic. Eventually, though, you’ve heard it all before, and the discussions reach the point of diminishing returns.
Sometimes it’s nice to be around people like you, a monolithic group of your own choosing.  It can be enlightening in its own way. Suddenly, you can’t define yourself just as the opposite of the other people. 
For example, I was at a camp for children with disabilities and we were playing that getting-to-know-you game where you share one unusual thing about yourself. One girl said that she normally stated her disability, but it didn’t seem important at the camp. Since everyone had that disability, it wasn’t really important or relevant anymore, and everyone could focus on more important things. And that is why I think sometimes it’s nice to be with people exactly like you, if only so you can realize that they aren’t.

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