Thursday, September 5, 2013

Somewhat more honest answers

It's been half a decade. The truth can come out.

Explain why you chose this major:

My childhood dreams involved real-world fame at the least ambitious, and alternative-world domination at the most. The fact that I’m involving myself in something as mundane as college applications is a disappointment. This major has been chosen in the last thirty minutes of looking through the options on your website. I am now desperately flailing through my childhood memories trying to find indicators that this is what I wanted to do all along.

Describe a time when you were a leader:

Much as I would like to have a commanding presence, a voice dripping with authority, eyes that gleam with power, I don’t. Even if my eyes did gleam with power, they are rather small and it is unlikely anyone would notice. 

This is something I have accepted ever since a slumber-party movie decision ended with me watching my chosen movie and with five fewer friends. I learned although I was capable of being repetitive and irritating enough to get whatever I wanted, the price was alienation.  Mulan was worth it, of course, but the lesson sunk in. 

When one day I realized that leadership was more then just getting other people to do what you wanted, I lost interest in the concept. It’s much easier just to find the right people to follow.

Describe a challenge you have overcome:

I take everything I have (health, relative youth, a good education, two languages and wonderful countries, great parents, a bright future) so much for granted that I honestly, though temporarily, wished to lose some of it to make writing this essay easier. Being this kind of person is a challenge I have not quite overcome.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Far more successful and important then even wildly optimistic extrapolation from the current trajectory and data would predict.

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  1. you're freaking hilarious:) this was a good reading break away from my editing right now. thanks!