Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sometimes I Do Things That Don't Make Sense

Stop the press.

Sure, my actions don’t always appear logical...
...and they're not.
Pretend I don’t care when I’m trying to get an electronic device to work.
My computer is both telepathic and has a weakness for reverse psychology.
Worry about dying whenever my life is going well.
I used to read a lot. When things go well in the middle of a book (or life), something bad is going to happen soon. I don’t have an evil wizard archenemy, so I make do with suspicious moles.
Think worrying about things will make them less likely to happen.
That’s how worrying solves things.
Practice an in-depth responses in case someone interrogates me on my religious, political, or dietary beliefs.
This has happened a lot, actually. Maybe I need to stop interrogating myself.
Justify my life choices to an imaginary Oprah. Sometimes out loud, sometimes in a mirror.
I don't care that her show was cancelled,  I need to be prepared.
Decide to make lists like this when I should be studying.
I don’t want to study.

This list is incomplete.

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  1. Haha, I can definitely relate to some of these;) I love your posts!