Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lost and Found in e-Translation

Sometimes I interpret electronic writing (aka "texts") in a way that may say more about me than about the writer

Writing Device
How I interpret them
Ellipse after a sentence…
Think about what I just said, because there is a hidden meaning.
Drives me crazy when it’s after something like “Have a nice day….” Part of me knows there is no hidden meaning, and part of me feels like there is something I don’t know about an assassin.
I’m mocking you.

What you just said was so dumb, it’s going to take me a second to think of a tactful response. I just want you to be aware of that.
It just seems somewhat fake in writing form. “Um”’s are a semi-involuntary tick, and writing isn’t involuntary.
Pause and think about every word I’m saying

Acceptable when the words are worth it, very annoying when they are not.
I’m screaming at you.
So exhausting to read.
No smiley faces or exclamation marks
I’m mad at you or bored.

I know this generally not right, but I’ve been conditioned to expect smiley faces with everything remotely friendly.

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